This is an excellent rapid lean muscle-building stack


Package contains
2 vials of Boldenex-300 10ml (6000mg)
2 vials of Proprionex-100 10ml (1000mg)
1 pack of Winstronex-15 (100 tablets)
1 pack of Nolvanex (40 tablets)
**syringes NOT included**

This is an excellent rapid lean muscle-building stack. Tamoxifen(Nolvanex) maybe needed during the first 6 weeks, otherwise the remaining 6 (unless you are sensitive to estrogen) should entail low enough estrogen levels to dramatically increase hardness and definition. A combination building/cutting cycle.
Add cardio/aerobic exercises to your work out scheme to promote fat burning.
As with all cycles, protein intake should be increased.
A supply of 1- 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight/day is usually effective.
Eat sufficient supply of complex carbohydrates and drink plenty of water.
Take your daily mineral/vitamin complex supplement with this cycle.

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