Mass Builder I


This is a basic mass builder for beginners or for those who do not wish to use too much steroids in their cycle but still need to grow.

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WeeksMethandienoneNandrolone DecanoateTamoxifen
1 300mg
420mg / day300mg20mg / week
520mg / day300mg10mg / day
620mg / day300mg10mg / day
720mg / day300mg20mg / day
820mg / day300mg20mg / day
920mg / day300mg20mg / day
1020mg / day300mg20mg / day
1120mg / day
1220mg / day

Tamoxifen added to prevent any form of gynecomastia due to highly aromatizable nature of Dianabol. As with all cycles, protein intake should be increased. A supply of 1- 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight/day is usually effective. Eat sufficient supply of complex carbohydrates and drink plenty of water. Take your daily mineral/vitamin complex supplement with this cycle.

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