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  • Insulin-part1
    Ask any of the elite who has become truly massive beasts which anabolic substance has had the most profound effect upon their physique and the answer from the largest mammals will unanimously be insulin. Though GH has brought to the forefront of competitive stages the well retained lean muscle mass tissue displayed beneath an onion skin exterior of today, it is the symbiotic relationship insulin has with all other physical enhancement chemistry that has made beasts what they are in the new millennium.Insulin is predominantly a storage hormone in that it initiates a cascade of cellular events that result in […]
  • Optimal Training for Muscle Growth
    Intensity has been identified as the single most crucial factor to success in your training. Intensity can be defined as the percent of your momentary ability to perform an exercise. Intensity has nothing to do with how much resistance you are using, nor what percent of your 1 repetition maximum is for a chosen exercise. It refers to the degree of difficulty that you experience during the exercise. The specific intensity required to produce optimal gains in strength is unknown at this point. However, if you are a healthy person and perform an exercise to the point of momentary muscular […]
  • The ten most common errors made with Anabolic Steroids
    Any bodybuilder who is considering the use of steroids should make certain to obtain as much information as possible. It is crucial to avoid the most dangerous brands of steroids and equally important to be familiar with the safe steroid brands that cut, define, and tone and those better used to increase muscle mass. One should also learn how to properly dose anabolics and the various advantages and disadvantages of oral steroids versus injectable steroids. Finally, it is important to understand how to stack and cycle multiple anabolics for short time periods in order to reduce dangerous side effects and […]
  • Introduction to Anabolic Steroids
    Anabolic steroids are a class of medications that contain a synthetically manufactured form of the hormone testosterone, or a related compound that is derived from (or similar in structure and action to) this hormone. In orderto fully grasp how anabolic steroids work, it is, therefore, important to understand the basic functioning of testosterone. Testosterone is the primary sex hormone and anabolic steroid in males. In male humans, testosterone plays a key role in the development of male reproductive tissues such as testes and prostate, as well as promoting secondary sexual characteristics such as increased muscle and bone mass, and the […]